Hex head bolts
Metric Thread Bolt Length Metric Thread Bolt Length Metric Thread Bolt Length Metric Thread Bolt Length
M5×0.8 10mm M6×1.0 10mm M8×1.25 10mm M10×1.25 10mm
M5×0.8 15mm M6×1.0 15mm M8×1.25 15mm M10×1.25 15mm
M5×0.8 20mm M6×1.0 20mm M8×1.25 20mm M10×1.25 20mm
M5×0.8 25mm M6×1.0 25mm M8×1.25 25mm M10×1.25 25mm
M5×0.8 30mm M6×1.0 30mm M8×1.25 30mm M10×1.25 30mm
M5×0.8 35mm M6×1.0 35mm M8×1.25 35mm M10×1.25 35mm
M5×0.8 40mm M6×1.0 40mm M8×1.25 40mm M10×1.25 40mm
M5×0.8 45mm M6×1.0 45mm M8×1.25 45mm M10×1.25 45mm
M5×0.8 50mm M6×1.0 50mm M8×1.25 50mm M10×1.25 50mm
M5×0.8 60mm M6×1.0 60mm M8×1.25 60mm M10×1.25 60mm
M5×0.8 70mm M6×1.0 70mm M8×1.25 70mm M10×1.25 70mm
M5×0.8 90mm M6×1.0 90mm M8×1.25 90mm M10×1.25 90mm
Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom
  1. Custom


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