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Titanium Material

      Titanium is a metallic element whose unique properties including high strength, low density, excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance and low modulus make it the ideal material for all kinds of titanium bolts and screws and nuts. Developed primarily for the aerospace industry, titanium alloys have also found a growing use in Medical, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Architectural, Naval and Sports applications. Titanium itself is not rare but actually very abundant with large deposits occurring in Chinese Southwest.

     Xi’an Changda titanium products co.,ltd. utilizes an alloy of titanium with 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium, known as Ti-6Al-4V. This alloy was developed for the aerospace industry for use in high pressure hydraulic lines and is found on virtually all new commercial and military airplanes being built in the western world. Ti-6AL-4V is a balance between the higher strength but less ductile titanium alloys used in aerospace and commercially pure titanium grades which do not offer enough strength to be of interest.

     The high strength and low density of this alloy allow for the building of titanium bolts and screws and nuts that are not only light weight but also extremely strong and durable. Titanium does not break down, rust or corrode in any type of atmospheric environment and it's high fracture toughness and fatigue resistance result in a bolt that can take a pounding and will not fail prematurely.

     Another unique property of titanium is it's low elastic modulus. The elastic modulus is a measure of how stiff a material is and is directly related to a material's ability to transmit shock waves.


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