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Winter Bicycle Health Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide To Brake Maintenance
The braking system not only plays a key role in protecting people's safety in the use of bicycles, but also affects our speed control and skill execution."Be able to brake" is far from being able to meet the high requirements of the majority of riders on the performance and use of the bike. Not to me
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Titanium Bike Frame Should Be Fitting
Why Bike Fitting?Anyone who plans to spend any length of time (more than 8km ride) riding a bike will benefit greatly from a bike fitting:Improve overall rider comfort and efficiencyReduce back, knee, neck or wrist painReduce saddle discomfort, hands, fingers or genital numbnessWE DESIGN THE TITANIU
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One customer who bought a titanium bmx bike frame us was highly very happy about it
One of my customers has bought titanium bike frame, fork, handle bar, seat post from us. Today he sent me the photos. I would liek you all to check it.This is the frame, and seat post, handle bar before installing.If you want a customized titanium bike frame, give me the specifications and detail s
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An India Customer Sent A Satisfaction Feedback To Me With The Installed Bicycle Frame Photo, Would You Like To Know The Detail Story?
An India Customer sent a satisfaction feedback to me with the installed bicycle frame photo, I am so happy to receive this email.The frame he bought is for his 12 years' leg disable daughter is a pedal forward titanium bike frame. In order to make it strong, we use the thicker tubes with the protect
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